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Our online leads portal allows you to see client's details on screen during live telephone transfers


Call Recording
A call recording is available for every transfer, ensuring quality at all times
Quality Guaranteed
Receive the exact type of leads you want, and not the ones you don't. Flexability with high conversion rates


  Australian Mortgage Leads - Telephone Transfer & Internet


  • Australian Hot Transfer Mortgage Leads
  • Australian Internet Mortgage Leads
Telephone Verified & Live Transfer Leads
Mortgage Leads Factory provides Hot Telephone Transfer & Internet Generated Australian Mortgage Leads at realistic and affordable prices.
All leads are of the highest quality.

They are generated exclusively using our own approved partner call centres, and our own network of finance sites, and are not shared with any other clients.


Live Telephone Transfer  & Internet Mortgage Leads  

Conforming Mortgage Leads
Live Telephone Transfers to Brokers AU$150.00
Non-Conforming Mortgage Leads
Live Telephone Transfers to Brokers AU$180.00
Mixture (Conforming & Non-Conforming) Mortgage Leads
Live Telephone Transfers to Brokers AU$165.00
Internet Mortgage Leads - Real-Time Delivery
Internet Generated Australian Mortgage Leads AU$75.00

Minimum Order 10 Leads




All live telephone transfer leads include complete details such as name, address, contact numbers, purpose of loan, credit rating, loan amount, home value, outstanding loan amount and employment status etc.

They are double verified by telephone, ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

Hot transfer leads are forwarded to clients, as live telephone transfers.



Australian internet mortgage leads are generated through our own network of finance web sites.

These are delivered in real-time through our automated lead delivery system, within a few seconds of a consumer completing an application.

Each time a lead is generated, an email is sent automatically to clients, alerting them to login and pick up their lead.


Live Telephone Transfer

Remortgage Leads Criteria

Age group:              20 -69
Loan amount:     AU$75,000+
LTV:                     <90%
Regions:  All states of Australia

Non-Conforming Leads Criteria

A Non-Conforming Lead is an individual who has at least 1 missed payment, or 1 late payment, or 1 judgment in the last 24 months, or No Doc, or Low Doc leads. These cases are all categorised as having adverse credit.

Additional Criteria / Filters - available at extra cost


Quality Control

With the Mortgage Leads Factory system you only receive the exact type of leads you want, and not the ones you don't. This flexibility means your conversion rate can be much better than with most other lead providers:
Step 1: Agent generates a lead.
Step 2: QC team will listen to the conversation and will either approve or reject a lead. Rejected lead will go back to the agents. Approved leads go to the supervisor.
Step 3: Supervisor receives the approved leads to be called again by a verifier, who after checking the intent of the customer will transfer the call to a mortgage consultant.
Step 4: The conversation between the mortgage consultant and the customer is recorded and if the customer says no to remortgage then the lead is immediately replaced based on the recorded conversations.



Replacement Policy
Our replacement policy is simply the best!

All mortgage lead calls are recorded and are your guarantee of quality at all times.

Any bad mortgage leads should be returned within 24 hours. They are checked against the call recordings and replaced at no cost.

Our criteria for leads that can be returned are as follows:

  • You are unable to contact the potential customer due to invalid contact details
  • The potential customer has not expressed an interest in your service (mortgage/loan advice)
  • The Lead type is not of the type you ordered

Our criteria for internet mortgage leads that can be returned are as follows:

  • Application from a minor
  • Fraudulent application
  • Hoax application
  • Has no valid contact telephone numbers
  • Not the Lead type ordered
  • Has been previously supplied by the Supplier within a 3 months of the Lead generation date
  • Cannot be contacted within 24 hours

Order Conforming Mortgage Leads


5 Lead Pack $750 AUD

10 Lead Pack $1500 AUD


Order Non-Conforming Leads


5 Lead Pack $900 AUD

10 Lead Pack $1800 AUD


Order Mixed Leads


 5 Lead Pack $825 AUD

10 Lead Pack $1650 AUD

  Total Compliance  


  • Express consent ensures all leads are fully compliant with financial regulations
  • Calling lists are scrubbed regularly against DNC and TPS registers.
  • Australian leads are never cold called
  Lead Generation  

Live transfers are generated using methods that ensures each and every lead is of the highest quality while complying with with all regulations


Special Offer

Sample Mortgage Leads & Proposal









Mortgage brokers are losing money on bogus and poor quality mortgage leads.

• What to avoid
• What to watch out for
• How to ensure quality mortgage leads every time





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