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A call recording is available for every transfer, ensuring quality at all times
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Receive the exact type of leads you want, and not the ones you don't. Flexability with high conversion rates


  UK Internet Mortgage Leads

Internet Mortgage Leads with Real-Time Delivery

Our FSA compliant Internet Mortgage Leads are of exceptional quality, generated on leading financial web sites, and are not shared with any other clients. Internet Mortgage leads are forwarded to you by email within minutes of generation (except at weekends), so you can call the customer back immediately!
  Internet Finance Leads for Entire UK
You can choose from the following options:
  • National – the whole of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)
  • Regional – this is a section of the UK (e.g. the North-West)
  • Postcode Prefix – this is the whole of a postcode area as defined by the initial letters of the postcode (e.g. NW, or B)

Immediate Delivery
All of our internet mortgage leads, internet loan leads and internet finance leads are dispatched immediately after they are generated.

The process is fully automated: as soon as the applicant clicks the submit button on any of our application forms, your leads are sent automatically by email to your chosen email address.

To maximize your conversion rates you should always contact the leads immediately.


mortgages Exclusive Internet Finance Leads (realtime delivery) mortgages
Internet Mortgage Leads
Adverse Mortgage Leads / Purchase 8
Adverse Re-mortgage Leads 15
Self Certified Re-mortgage Leads 20
Self Certified Mortgage Leads 10
Re-mortgage only – up to 149,000 30
Re-mortgage only – over 150,000 35
Purchase 10
Buy-to-Let Leads 15
Right To Buy Leads 15
Equity Release Leads 50
Commercial Mortgage Leads 25
Internet Loan Leads
Homeowner Loan over 25,000 85% LTV or below 30
Homeowner Loan over 25,000 85% LTV or above 15
Homeowner Loan 10,000 - 24,999 85% LTV or below 20
Homeowner Loan 10,000 - 24,999 85% LTV or above 10
Homeowner Loan up to 9,999 85% LTV or below 15
Homeowner Loan up to 4,999 85% LTV or above 8
Outright Homeowner Leads 12
Car Loan Bad Credit Leads 5
Car Loan Fair Credit Leads 6
Car Loan Good Credit Leads 7
Internet Finance Leads
Will Writing 20
IVA/Debt Management 55
Life Insurance Leads 45
Income Protection Assurance Leads 22
Private Medical Insurance Leads 40
Pension Leads 30

Pension Transfer

Pension Release 50
Annuity  Leads 45
Investment  Leads over 10,000 50
Minimum Order 20 Leads

Lead Criteria for Real-Time Internet Mortgage Leadsmortgages
All leads include complete details such as name, address, contact numbers, purpose of loan, email address, credit rating, loan amount, home value, outstanding loan amount and employment status etc.
All internet mortgage leads are forwarded to you by email within minutes of generation. This means you can call these customers back while their applications are still fresh in their minds.
Sample Internet Finance Lead
The following is an example of a typical Internet Generated secured loan lead
Date and Time: mortgages   2006-09-06 13:51:27
Lead name: mortgages   Mr John Smith
Homeowner: mortgages   Yes
Address: mortgages   25 Winegate St
DL210 1KJ
Home phone: mortgages   01142573579
Work phone: mortgages   02096294293
Email: mortgages
Purpose: mortgages   Debt Consolidation
Adverse Credit: mortgages   Yes
Amount: mortgages   39000
Repayment: mortgages   25
Employment Status: mortgages   Employed
House Value: mortgages   £165,000
Mortage Outstanding: mortgages   £102,000


Replacement Policy
We appreciate that sometimes you may wish to return a lead to us for various reasons. Our criteria for leads that can be returned are as follows:


  • Application from a minor
  • Application from a non-UK tax payer
  • Fraudulent application
  • Hoax application
  • Has no valid contact telephone numbers
  • Below the agreed loan value
  • Not the lead type agreed
  • Has already been supplied by the supplier within the previous 3 months

Lead Generation Method

Generated exclusively for you alone on top financial web sites; by people seeking financial products. You can be sure your finance leads are seeking a product you can offer them.

  Total Compliance  


  • Express consent ensures all leads are fully compliant with financial regulations
  • Calling lists are scrubbed regularly against DNC and TPS registers.
  • UK leads are never cold called
  Lead Generation  
Live transfers are generated using methods that ensures each and every lead is of the highest quality while complying with with FSA, DNC and TPS regulations.

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